MRC Values the Feedback of our volunteers, beneficiaries and partners.

Community engagement and accountability is a way of working that recognizes and values community members as equal partners. It makes sure their opinions are heard and used to design and guide our work. 

The IFRC is committed to community engagement and accountability throughout all of our work. This means:

  • Taking the time to understand a community’s context and listen to people’s needs, thoughts and feelings
  • Integrating meaningful community participation in our projects—handing over control of our programmes and operations to communities as much as possible
  • Open and honest communication about who we are and what we are doing—ensuring people feel confident and comfortable interacting with our members and services
  • Setting up trusted feedback mechanisms so we can continually improve our work based on what communities actually want, not what we think they want

if you have any feedback regarding any of our programmes or services, please send an email to feedback@redcrescent.org.mv