How to become a MRC Volunteer - FAQ

How to become a MRC Volunteer - FAQ

Discover how you can contribute toward making our community a better place by working with us to assist in the lives of the most vulnerable in our communities and  become part of the world's largest humanitarian Movement. 

How can I volunteer?

IIt's simple. If you wish to volunteer with MRC, fill out our Volunteer Application Form and email it to info@redcrescent.org.mv or to the nearest MRC Unit in your vicinity.

Is there any requirement to sign up to become a volunteer?

No.Anyone can sign up to become a MRC Volunteer. You are however, when you become a volunteer, you are part of the greater Red Cross and Red Crescent (RCRC) Movement. Therefore, you need to know and agree to the humanitarian cause and agree to abide by the seven fundamental principles of the RCRC movement and the MRC Code of Conduct 

I am a migrant national living in the Maldives, can i volunteer?
Yes. Anyone can sign up to become a MRC Volunteer. 


Do i have to pay a volunteer fee to become a MRC Volunteer?
No. To become a MRC volunteer you don't need pay a fee. You will need to submit a volunteer application form and must agree to adhere the MRC code of conduct