“Hushiyaaru” Awareness Campaign Aimed Towards Building Climate Ready Communities

“Hushiyaaru” Awareness Campaign Aimed Towards Building Climate Ready Communities

The "Hushiyaaru" campaign is a pivotal component of MRC's SPRING  Project. As a humanitarian organization dedicated to enhancing disaster preparedness, climate resilience, and humanitarian assistance, MRC is uniquely positioned to convey the urgent need for communities to become better equipped to face the challenges presented by climate change.  

The overaching goal of the campaign is towards creating climate-ready communities across the Maldives 

The "Hushiyaaru" awareness campaign has three core objectives: 

  • Raising Awareness: Our foremost goal is to increase public understanding of the impacts of climate change on the Maldives. We aim to underscore the critical importance of proactive preparedness in addressing the imminent challenges. 
  • Behavioral Change: We aim to inspire positive changes in attitudes and behaviors among communities. By promoting climate resilience practices, we hope to empower individuals and communities to take action in becoming better equipped to face climate-related threats. 
  • Inclusivity: Through the campaign we aim to promote active engagement and ownership of climate readiness initiatives. Our special focus is on vulnerable groups, including Persons with Disabilities (PWDs), Migrant Workers, the Elderly, and Women. We believe that every community member plays a crucial role in building climate-ready communities. 


MRC is committed to becoming a driving force for climate resilience and community preparedness in the Maldives. We look forward to working closely with our partners and the collective efforts of the Maldivian community to create a brighter and more resilient future.