Migrant Support

Migrant Support

 Even in times of peace, migrants without regular documentation status, female migrant workers, and workers in the manual labour workforce, might face several challenges in accessing regular economic opportunities and basic services. These challenges are often exacerbated during emergencies, disasters, and crisis. Through MRC's Migrant Support Programme, we aim to uphold the rights, health, dignity, and wellbeing of all migrants residing in the Maldives by providing means to access basic services such as healthcare, legal services, and information in all circumstances. 

Under the umbrella of Migrant Support Programme, there are many sub programmes, services, and activities to support migrants which are carried out across MRC Units. The key areas of interventions fall under Emergency relief assistance, Health & inclusion, Capacity Building, Risk Communication and Community Engagement & Accountability. To cater to the needs, MRC with the support of various stakeholders setup  Migrant Support Centres acting as Humanitarian Service Points are activated on an ad hoc basis to facilitate these programmes and activities.

MRC encourages the participation of all migrants in our trainings, programmes, services, and activities. Your involvement better informs our work directed towards the migrant community and helps us continue our support to the most vulnerable. As of right now, MRC has several active migrant volunteers and governance members supporting our work. Their support is one of the key reasons why MRC is able to provide the many services to those facing vulnerabilities due to migration.

If you are interested in supporting our Migrant Support Programme, please reach out to us via info@redcrescent.org.mv -  you can contribute to our work as a member of volunteer. 

Note: All data gathered by MRC is protected and maintained confidential. No individual will be subject to protection concerns by seeking out a service or volunteering with MRC.