Palestine Relief Fund - Emergency Appeal

Palestine Relief Fund - Emergency Appeal

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MVR 7,396,662.56
Funds raised as of 12th November 2023
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Amidst the rapidly escalating Humanitarian Crisis in the Gaza Strip, Maldivian Red Crescent opens an emergency appeal to donate funds to support the response and relief efforts carried out by Palestine Red Crescent (PRCS).

The funds raised will be directed to the Preliminary Emergency Appeal launched by PRCS on 10th October 2023 (Appeal Updated on 15th October 2023), which is  targeted towards delivery of humanitarian assistance, such as  provision of First Aid and Health Services,  fuel and essential supplies for the operation of humanitarian facilities, transfer of the sick and wounded provision of clean water, sanitation and hygiene, shelter, basic relief items (including food, clothing, and household essentials), protection, and community engagement to the most vulnerable. Read more about the Preliminary Emergency Appeal by PRCS - Here.

The Maldivian Red Crescent’s Emergency Appeal will be collected from 14th October 2023 till 28th October 2023.

Update: Due to the rapidly deterorating situation in Gaza and due to the public appeal towards the extension of MRC's Palestine Relief Fund, we are extending the period for donations till 12th November 2023

The bank account details are as follows: -  

Bank of Maldives (BML) Maldives Islamic Bank (MIB)
Account Name: Maldivian Red Crescent Account Name: Maldivian Red Crescent
Account Number: 7701-176022-001 [MVR] Account Number: 9901-01-55500036-100 [MVR]
Account Number: 7701-176022-002 (USD) Account Number: 9901-01-55500036-200 (USD)